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The Pulstar

The Pulstar(TM) is a low force instrument guided treatment and is a revolution in health care in that it provides quick and accurate analysis of the “root cause” of many health problems. This instrument uses the same technology NASA engineers use in the space program for evaluating the space shuttles integrity.

What does this mean to you?

It means the doctors can quickly gain an understanding of how your spine is FUNCTIONING in both specific areas as well as the overall big picture of spinal function. This gives us precise information to how the brain is controlling each area. This information is utilized by the doctor to determine where the corrections should be applied, and changes are noted on the post adjustment scan of the patient so that both the doctor and patient can view the changes on the computer screen at the time of the adjustment.

The Adjustment

Using MIT (multiple impulse technology) we can deliver a series of precise adjustments that allows us to change the function of the spine as well as the brain and nervous system. This method eliminates the need for twisting, turning and “cracking” that many patients find intimidating or painful and is therefore ideal for nearly everyone.

How it Works

The PulStar instruments add the power of computer-precision multiple impulse therapy to your healing hands.

We can clearly see the areas of spinal stiffness and then see the effects of the The PulStar adjustment. If the bars are yellow, there may be muscle tightness or stiffness in that area. If there are intersegmental red bars, that shows there is a dysfunction between two of the vertebra. During the adjust phase, the doctor directs multiple impulses at the areas he/she wants to treat to reduce restrictions in those areas, and add more motion to the segment. Doctor and patient can see the results on the screen in real time.

The PulStar helps doctors improve patient satisfaction and word-of-mouth because patients often feel greatly reduced pain in three or four visits. The precise but gentle pressure applied by the PulStar aligns with established protocols, and is recorded in the patient’s treatment record, greatly reducing any risk of malpractice. As an added benefit, The PulStar impulse therapy reduces strain on the doctor, supporting more years of comfortable and productive practice.

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