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Holiday Fatigue; it's a real thing! You may be feeling it now. But not to worry, we have some steps you can follow to help shake it off and get back to your usual, energetic self!

⭐️ Practice self care: stay hydrated, eat nutritious foods, exercise (even lightly), take a bath, read a book, rest, and cut back on the alcohol and caffeine.

⭐️ Prioritize: It can be easy to get overwhelmed by everything there is to do AFTER the parties end, so make a list of everything and put it in order of importance. Lists help lessen the anxiety of life, give us structure and a plan, and a visual of our accomplishments for the day. You'll feel great checking it off, one by one!

⭐️ Maximize you exposure to light: Sunlight is a dodgy thing during the winter months, but when you can get it, bask in it! Sunlight gives us that much needed Vitamin D, which supports the immune, brain, and nervous system health, and can improve our moods. If you aren't getting enough Vitamin D, consider taking a supplement.

⭐️ Work on gratitude: A wonderful way to recharge after the holiday season is to reflect on everything you are thankful for. Research shows that if you write down five gratitudes a week, you are measurably happier over a ten week period. The more specific you are, the better!

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