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Your Words Matter…Especially Your Health Words.

logo_uikit (2)Dr Sarah Farrant has become the ‘tell it like it is’, no fluff, mentor to moms. She is the founder and CEO of Vital Moms and is dedicated to plucking moms from the Rx merry-go-round and giving them a new way to approach their own and their children’s health. Today, she supports, mentors, and educates thousands of parents globally.

This morning we spent some time reading through her article “Words matter. Are you speaking the right words to communicate HEALTH to yourself and your child?”  This article carefully reminds us that our words can quickly build our child up..or tear them quickly down.   “Everything we create,” says Farrant, ” begins with a thought that is then communicated through words, actions or an image. With our health, it is valuable to consider that what we speak is what we create.”

Do you know what health language you are speaking to your family?  Read through her article to find out how Sarah and her husband have made changes in their health discussions to help empower their children in terms of health.  Read this fascinating article HERE.

We think Sarah summed it up correctly when she said ” What a privilege we have when we can model a way of thinking and communicating to our children that will empower them to change their circumstances as they wish to, allowing for better function and more fun in life.”

Get Educated! Get Inspired! Take Action! Communicate to Empower!



Source:  http://vitalmoms.com/words-matter-are-you-speaking-the-right-words-to-communicate-health-to-yourself-and-your-child/#sthash.ooHEqVDN.dpuf

– See more at: http://vitalmoms.com/why-dr-sarah/#sthash.Bixgn00Z.dpuf

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