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Why Kids Need A Check-Up From Your Chiropractor

iStock_000006324078_ExtraSmall (2)You may visit your doctor of chiropractic for a variety of reasons. Maybe he or she helps you get relief from a painful or bothersome problem. Maybe you find that chiropractic care improves your quality of life, or that your chiropractor has a specialty in nutrition, or sports, or family care.

Family care? Yes, even though many children don’t have painful symptoms, their brains, nerve systems and spines may start to show wear and tear early in life.  Remember, children go through the trauma of being born – then they get jostled around in car seats, they’re thrown up in the air and caught abruptly by well-meaning grown-ups, and they fall hundreds of times while learning to walk. Children have plenty of reasons to need a check-up, even if they seem to feel well.

At any age, a chiropractic exam makes sense – for example, middle school kids have to deal with their maturing bodies and the stresses of impending adulthood. High schoolers have peer pressure, sports injuries and we all know they don’t eat as well as they should. And all of these things cause stress, which shows up in the spine and nerve system, and needs to be handled early, before it does too much damage.

The more you establish good health and wellness habits with your kids, the more likely they grow up to be healthy adults, and regular chiropractic exams and adjustments when necessary is part if it. Reduce your child’s stress – get a chiropractic check-up.

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