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The Dangers of Dehydration

downloadWell, it has been and continues to be a VERY hot and dry summer.  If you have a tendency to not drink enough water, NOW is the time to change that simple habit, by drinking more water daily.
While drinking enough water daily is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, during this heat…we tend to need even more! Dr. Mercola’s article on water consumption, that we are highlighting this morning, suggests that not enough water poses dangers to those driving and to the youngest members of our household.

Dr. Mercola has written a very detailed article on the topic of water consumption.  In it he outlines the benefits of water consumption:

  1. For proper blood circulation
  2. For healthy metabolism to occur
  3. For detoxification
  4. For regulation of body temperature (Especially in this heat!!)\

In addition, he lists serveral key sypmtoms that suggest you are dehydrated…from mood swings to dizziness and from having problems concentrating to muscle cramps…just to name a few.  This article also delves into the topics of soda consumption in young children and how we should move from changing out sugary sodas and sports drinks to pure water.  So grab a glass of H20 and read through this informative article…it will bring clarity and enegery on this hot day.

Here is the full ARTICLE 

Get Educated! Get Inspire! Take Action!

Drink your water!

Dr. Will & Dr. Erin


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