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Monday Morning Make-Over – Repost – Health Benefits of Nature

iStock_000004892431_Medium (2)This morning, as the fresh cool air of Fall settles in, we thought it would be a timely idea to re-post an article that we shared on our Facebook page a few weeks ago.

Research has shown that early-morning cardio in a fasted state can burn up to 20 percent more calories; however hitting the grass versus the treadmill provides a number of further benefits that may just surprise you. Fitting in some nature, or vitamin N, may just be the secret to unlocking a better mood, faster metabolism and stronger memory.  Author and Naturopathic Doctor, Natasha Turner, shares the benefits of taking to the outdoors in an article from  Chatelaine READ FURTHER

Time to get out there and enjoy the Fall season and see the increased health benefits when you do!

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