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Stand Up Straight!

At one time or another in our lives, we have all heard this phrase uttered by an authority figure.  So, does this statement carry any weight? patient_brochure_template2_without_wounds_letter_blank

Absolutely, posture is a key component to optimal health and wellness.  Consider the benefits of good posture;
1. Optimizes breathing and circulation (slouch forward and take a deep breath now compare by standing up straight with chest up and shoulders back, dramatic isn’t it)
2. Improves organ function.
3. Keeps bones and joints in proper alignment decreasing the wear and tear on joints, a degenerative process also known as arthritis.
4.  Prevents backache, neck pain and other muscle problems.
5.  Proper posture is critical with decreasing the probability of spinal issues such as scoliosis.
6.  Prevents strains and overuse issues.
7. Lastly contributes to a good appearance.
Where does this poor posture come from?
Several factors may contribute to poor posture- most commonly stress, obesity, unhealthy sitting habits (cell phone use and other technology devices,sitting in front of a computer), unhealthy standing positions (factory workers holding unnatural positions repeatedly),  wearing high-heeled shoes and pregnancy.


Quick tip
Quick tip
If you are sitting at a computer, gaming or using your phone get up every 30 minutes for 15 seconds.  This simple technique turns your posture stabilizing muscles back on.  Set your phone to buzz every 30 minutes.  Over time your neck and back muscles will not be as tired at the end of a long day at work.
Being evaluated by a posture expert is critical to your health and well-being.  Postural correction is necessary to reach optimal health goals.  If you are doing your part by eating well, getting proper rest, exercise and spiritual well being, the missing piece is having your posture assessed by the doctors at the Johnston Health Center.  Our Doctors have extensive knowledge of postural evaluation and correction with gentle and effective methods.  Read a few of our testimonials below or visit our website at www.johnstonhealthcenter.com


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Every child needs to be evaluated. 
Our offer for the month of December free postural assessments of children aged 0-16years.
Free for Dece_edited-1

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