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Spice Up Your Summer Lunches the Healthy Way!


Summer is almost half way over! (Sadly) But there is still time to enjoy some unscheduled time with the family.  One of the struggles that we have during the summer (and the school year too!) is finding some healthy lunches and keeping the kids from getting bored with it.

Will and I found some great ideas for healthy wraps on this site here – http://www.superhealthykids.com/top-10-kid-friendly-wraps/#_a5y_p=5337291
With the fresh strawberries that we were able to get from @BarrieHillFarm
Initially our family favourite was the Almond Butter and Strawberries combo.  But with new fruit coming into season, we are sure to find a local fruit replacement!!
Enjoy the ideas for wraps!
Happy Lunchtime!
From Will & Erin and family.

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