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Seven Keys To Longevity

Over the last fifty years, researchers in Alameda County, California, have studied the relationship between lifestyle and health, and they recommend the following seven habits:

  1. Don’t smoke – smoking is linked to cancer, heart disease, and many other dangerous disorders.key
  2. Exercise regularly – about 30 minutes three times a week is sufficient for most people
  3. Maintain a healthy body weight – find the optimal weight for your size and body type
  4. Sleep at least seven hours each night – your brain and body recover from the day’s stresses while you sleep, and that takes 7-8 hours each night
  5. Drink alcohol in moderation – the study says less than five drinks at a sitting, but you’re probably better off with less than that
  6. Avoid snacks – especially sugary, salty or fried foods, or foods with pesticides or preservatives in them
  7. Eat breakfast every morning – that’s why they call it “breaking the fast,” so get your day started with a  healthy meal.

That doesn’t seem very difficult, does it? And yet, so few of us follow even this common sense advice.

Let’s all commit to making ourselves a little healthier by choosing one or more of these health habits to practice regularly. Ask your doctor of chiropractic what he or she suggests, and travel the shortest distance to good health.

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