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Saying no to soda in 2015

10882354_750612388342820_1708215359742227366_nIn one of our recent Facebook posts, we shared the graphic on the left about aspartame poisoning and the ill effects of drinking diet soda.  Dr. Mercola, of www.mercola.com reminds us that as we make New Year’s resolutions to be healthy and perhaps loose weight, that we shouldn’t turn to diet sodas for a “sweet fix”.  Not only does diet soda cause many problems, as we seen in this graphic, research has also shown that “artificially sweetened no- or low-calorie drinks and other “diet” foods actually tend to stimulate your appetite, increase cravings for carbs, and stimulate fat storage and weight gain.”  Dr. Mercola also outlines that diet soda drinkers suffer the same exact health problems as those who opt for regular soda, such as excessive weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.  You can read his complete article here.

Make no mistake about it: diet soda does more harm then good!  That being said, skipping soda in any form (diet or regular) should be a healthy goal for you and your family in 2015.  Did you know that one can of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar? *
That is 100% of your recommended sugar intake!
Too much sugar in your diet has a huge negative impact:**

1. Weight Gain
2. Impaired Immune System
3. Diabetes
4. Increased risk of some diseases -some cancers, heart diseases, polycystic ovarian syndrome, acne and even myopia

Healthy Alternatives to Drinking Soda:***
1. Naturally Flavoured Water – drop in a few raspberries,  lemon or cucumber into your glass of water.
2. Try some green tea! – Comes in great flavours and has amazing antioxidant benefits and much more.
3. Give sparkling pomegranate tea a try: recipe

We’d love to hear what you have replaced your soda drinking with. Drop us an email news@johnstonhealthcenter.com or comment on this post.

Get Educated! Get Inspired! Take Action in 2015!

Additional References:
* http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/04/10/can-you-believe-these-statistics-on-soft-drink-use.aspx


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