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Quit For Life!

KICK your smoking habit for good and have the HEALTHY LIFE you deserve!
Quit the Cold Turkey – And Quit for Life!

A few people can quit smoking cold turkey. For the rest of us there is Quit for Life, a breakthrough program to help you kick your habit safely and easily, without withdrawals or uncomfortable side effects.

How does the Quit for Life Program work?

As a smoker, you may not think about the chemicals in cigarettes. In fact, you may think that cigarettes help you cope, calm you down when you’re upset, or comfort you when life gets rough. But the truth is that smoking does the opposite. With every puff of a cigarette, thousands of poisons, toxic metals and carcinogens course through your bloodstream and put your body into a state of severe stress.

For this reason, we approach your smoking habit in two ways. First, we use a detoxification method proven to quickly remove the chemicals from your body and, second, we provide a system of Brain Based Wellness to conquer the habit for good.

Get the Nicotine and Toxins Out of Your Body!

Our all-natural detoxification program works to get nicotine and other toxins out of your body quickly and safely. You’ll start looking brighter and feeling healthier and more energetic in days, not weeks! Worried about gaining weight when you quit? Don’t be! With this powerful combination of Brain Based Wellness and detoxification, many of our patients actually lose weight!

Get the Habit Out of your Head!

The developers of Brain Based Wellness spent more than two decades studying the attitude and behaviours of non-smokers. They knew the key to permanent success was hidden in the underlying psychology of people who don’t smoke. In each Brain Based Wellness session, these keys to success are passed along to you.
With Brain Based Wellness you re-learn the habits of a non-smoker. You learn to relax and de-stress in healthy ways while creating a positive new self-image. Once this happens, cigarettes lose their appeal, and you can finish a meal or be around other smokers without craving cigarettes. In other words, you learn to live your life as if you never smoked.


Your brain is the control center of everything in your life – which means the quality of your life is directly related to the fitness of your brain. Many people spend thousands enhancing their bodies, yet do nothing to optimize their brain or improve the quality of their thoughts. Our Braintap program is a beautiful light and sound technology developed to counter act the undeniable effects of stress in our brains.

Why is Modern STRESS So Dangerous?

Today we are faced with a new kind of stress never before seen in human history; a dangerous form of stress that is directly linked to our high-tech, overloaded lifestyles.
This “super-stress” starts with a rapid release of stress hormones for instant energy – so you can fight or flee – but then later leaves you feeling lethargic and hungry, one of the reasons stress causes weight gain, brain fog, poor sleep habits, and supports the desire to smoke.

With research now supporting the statistic that 90% of all illness today can be linked back to stress in our lives, it is more important than ever to balance your brain and reduce stress.

Benefits of Braintap:

  1. Produces the relaxation response – and therefore acts as a natural anti-depressant, pain reliever, eliminates foggy thinking and promotes emotional balance.
  2. Blood flow to the brain increases for clearer thinking, better concentration.
  3. A 20-minute session simulates a full sleep cycle – so you can sleep less, feel more rested, accomplish more.
  4. Energy levels soar.
  5. Jet lag can be decreased or eliminated
  6. Personal changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, ending nail biting, and other nervous habits happen easier and faster.