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Pulstar …First Hand at Johnston Health Center

pulstarTreatment options for joint pain are varied and wide-ranging. Many patients are choosing to add chiropractic care to their joint pain regimen, and PulStar doctors are able to offer an additional option that is scientific, gentle, and provides a different approach to the treatment of musculoskeletal joint pain.

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Rating: 5 – A few years back I came off my horse and injured myself. Each ride after that was a painful experience. Finally after some prodding from friends I looked for a solution. I had experienced traditional chiropractic methods in the past and knew it was not for me. That was when I was introduced to JHC. The methods are gentle and effective. Dr’s Will and Erin are the most caring people you will ever meet. I have referred family members, friends and co-workers knowing that they will receive the best possible care at JHC. For me……I’m back in the saddle again thanks to JHC. Carol Scott

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