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Practice Safe Sitting

bLOG TITLEPoor posture is a modern day epidemic.  In this technology age we are moving less and spending hours a day in a hunched over position on the computer or smart phones.  There are many consequences of poor posture.

  1. Spinal degeneration. Over time poor posture at work can result in serious spinal degeneration with associated symptoms of chronic back or neck pain, herniated spinal discs, numbness and/or tingling.
  2. Lowered Metabolic Rate: Sitting for long periods of time contributes to the onset of obesity, cardiovascular diseases and Type II Diabetes.
  3. Irreversible Damage: Research indicates that the body needs movement throughout the day to function properly.  The key for prevention of damage is intermittent movement throughout the day.  Lack of movement impedes many functions of the body that can be damaged for good.
  4. Respiratory dysfunction: Head and upper body in a forward flexed position puts compressive forces on your diaphragm limiting the amount of oxygen that can be brought in to your lungs.  This can result in fatigue.
  5. Individuals who present with an increased curve of their thoracic spine (hunch back) suffer a higher level of mortality by up to 144%. Your workspace could be taking years off your life.

With all this sitting you are destroying your posture.  We are not designed to be sitting all day.  We are meant to be moving.  You need to practice “Safe Sitting.”

Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you are sitting comfortably in your vehicle with good lumbar and head support.
  2. Try to avoid sitting any longer than 30 minutes. Set your phone to vibrate every 30 min and simply get up from your chair for 15 seconds.  This action resets your postural muscle
  3. Ensure your work station is set up properly with ergonomic design
  4. Remove your wallet from your back pocket while sitting.
  5. Drink plenty of water at your desk. Not just coffee.
  6. Eat a lunch with proteins and vegetables avoiding sugar.
  7. Keep your feet flat on the floor and avoid crossing your legs.
  8. Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips. Do not lean off to one side while sitting and standing.
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Get Educated! Get Inspired! Take Action!

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