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No Snow? No Problem!

Many us are eagerly anticipating the arrival of snow this season.  While we are enjoying unseasonable warm temperatures late in the Fall, it does sometimes pose some challenges in keeping everyone entertained and active outdoors.

Last Winter we also had a few pockets of really mild weather (in between the blasts of snow!) which made us have to think outside of the traditional Winter activity box when keeping active!

Today’s Parent Came up with some fun ideas to help keep kids active and entertained last year.  Here are a few of their ideas:

Skating – sounds like you need snow, right?  Well, in Barrie along there are many many indoor facilities that you can take advantage of.  Check out the City of Barrie’s listings to see hours and locations.








Bingo Hiking – Create your own bingo cards before you head out to the park or the woods with the kids. Get them to draw pictures in each square of things you may find on your walk: an acorn, a pine cone, a common bird and a rare one, adjusting the level of difficulty to the age of your child.

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Picnicking – Picnics are usually associated with the summer, but they don’t have to be. On a really cold day, you can spread out a blanket in the living room, and gather the kids, their friends and teddy bears for a picnic. Or bundle up and go to a nearby park and have your picnic there.









Bowling – a great way to let off steam and include the whole family!



For the complete list of non-snow activity ideas visit Today’s Parent!

Get Educated! Get Inspired! Take some no snow Action!










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