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mofologoAs many of you have seen on our Facebook Page, Dr. Will is participating in Movember this year.  While we can’t be certain if his beard growing skills will be successful or remain a permanent part of his new style….the reason for Movember is an important one.

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, and rates are on the rise. By 2030 there’ll be 1.7 million men living with prostate cancer. It’s already killing hundreds of thousands of men each year, and those who survive face serious side effects.We can’t afford to let this continue.

The Movember Foundation is challenging all of us to take hold of our health, to spread the word about prostate cancer awareness and testicular cancer. In addition, the foundation’s motivation is to raise funds for research and to share ways to live a healthier lifestyle.  A lifestyle that includes getting moving and regular doctor visits.

So, while the mustache/beard is a fun way to raise awareness….there is more work ahead.  We encourage all of you to take a look at the Movember Site  and look for ways to help raise funds and help educate your loved ones !

Here is Dr. Will’s before picture (in case you missed it!) The office team will be sure to keep you updated with his progress…and if you are in the office you will likely hear some of Dr. Erin’s comments on his progress as well!


As we sign off today, we also gratefully acknowledge those Canadians who have worked so hard for our freedom here in Canada.  Today, we pause and give thanks for the sacrifice of freedom.  There are many great opportunities to remember today.  We sign off by sharing a video from Canadian Veterans Affairs:



We Remember

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