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Migraines and Laser Therapy

Processed with MoldivMigraines affects more than 10% of the population.  With symptoms typically lasting from 4-72 hours, excruciating at various times, you try everything to make the pain and nausea go away.  With many potential triggers including red wine, hypoglycemia, excessive stimuli (flashing lights or strong odors), weather change, lack of sleep or even stress, the frustration of trying to figure out what caused the episodes and the remedy to stop them are generally a variety of medications with their own side effects.

Laser therapy has been utilized for the last 40 years to treat acute and chronic conditions.  It has been discovered that with laser therapy patients have had a significant decrease in the number of headaches per month, a reduction in the severity of the pain and duration compared to migraines prior to the start of the laser treatments. (Kahn, Fred, MD.  Laser Report, Summer 2014.)

Interested in learning more about Laser Therapy at Johnston Health Center and how it can benefit you as a migraine sufferer?  Sign up for a free consultation and demonstration:

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