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Insomnia Solutions

Tired of Counting Sheep?
Finally a DRUG FREE solution that will have you sleeping better tonight…and EVERY night.

If you suffer from sleeplessness, you know the debilitating effect if can have. You aren’t just sleepy; your temper grows short, your productivity plummets and your health suffers. Daytime drowsiness is the most common complication of insomnia. But there is also evidence that a lack of sleep throws off your hormonal balance, causes weight gain, and even lowers your immune system’s ability to fight infection. A lack of sleep is also a common cause of car accidents.

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Insomnia doesn’t always have one specific cause. The problem may be your lifestyle habits such as working too much, working swing shifts or travelling. Health problems or medications can also affect your sleep, and many women going through menopause develop insomnia.

Normal restful sleep requires certain rhythms of brain wave activity. Traumatic events or periods of high stress can disrupt these normal brain wave patterns. When unsettled sleep behaviour is repeated over time, the brain wave patterns of insomnia become the new “normal”. This new sleep habit can be nearly impossible to break on your own.

Brain waves also influence your body’s neuro-chemistry. When your “awake chemicals” are more active than your “sleep chemicals”, you have insomnia. Awake chemicals are primarily stress hormones that make you tense and interrupt your sleep.

How will Brain Based Wellness get my sleep rhythms back to normal?

The Insomnia Solutions program features a safe, clinically proven, non-invasive system for balancing brain waves. Gentle light and tone pulses bring down the rapid brain waves associated with stress and sleeplessness while activating the brain waves that make you feel calm, balanced and happy. Once your brain waves are back in balance, your neuro-chemistry will improve and your sleep cycles can naturally return to normal.

Brain Based Wellness also helps you get rid of the negative mind chatter than often accompanies insomnia. You will develop positive new thought patterns to help you manage stress, get focused, feel more confident, and enjoy and overall sense of wellbeing.

How does the Insomnia Solutions program work?

Your body’s reaction to stress and sleeplessness is unique to you, the Insomnia Solutions program takes an individualized, multi-dimensional approach. In addition to Brain Based Wellness, some people may need our detoxification program that’s proven to quickly rid the body of excess stress hormones and other toxins. Others may need the addition of a few vital supplements to get the body back in balance. For this reason, we provide you with a thorough health assessment to address stress-related health factors such as nutritional imbalance, weight, Candida, hypoglycemia, adrenal exhaustion, and thyroid dysfunction. After the assessment, the doctor will be able to recommend a treatment plan that’s just right for you.


Your brain is the control center of everything in your life – which means the quality of your life is directly related to the fitness of your brain. Many people spend thousands enhancing their bodies, yet do nothing to optimize their brain or improve the quality of their thoughts. Our Braintap program is a beautiful light and sound technology developed to counter act the undeniable effects of stress in our brains.

Why is Modern STRESS So Dangerous?

Today we are faced with a new kind of stress never before seen in human history; a dangerous form of stress that is directly linked to our high-tech, overloaded lifestyles.
This “super-stress” starts with a rapid release of stress hormones for instant energy – so you can fight or flee – but then later leaves you feeling lethargic and hungry, one of the reasons stress causes weight gain, brain fog, poor sleep habits, and supports the desire to smoke.

With research now supporting the statistic that 90% of all illness today can be linked back to stress in our lives, it is more important than ever to balance your brain and reduce stress.

Benefits of Braintap:

  1. Produces the relaxation response – and therefore acts as a natural anti-depressant, pain reliever, eliminates foggy thinking and promotes emotional balance.
  2. Blood flow to the brain increases for clearer thinking, better concentration.
  3. A 20-minute session simulates a full sleep cycle – so you can sleep less, feel more rested, accomplish more.
  4. Energy levels soar.
  5. Jet lag can be decreased or eliminated
  6. Personal changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, ending nail biting, and other nervous habits happen easier and faster.