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Hydrate When It’s Hot

Jumping on the beachWhen the mercury creeps upward into the red zone, it’s best to stay in climate controlled areas and wait it out – but if you have to work outside, or spend a lot of time outside in the heat, here are three simple precautions that will safeguard your health.

1. Hydrate when it’s hot – you lose a lot of water when you perspire, and you need that much more water. Water itself is ideal, but if you want some of your fluid intake to be flavored, avoid sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners, choosing instead natural iced tea or sparkling water with lemon or lime. Just make sure to include enough water – at least an ounce for every two pounds of body weight each day.

2. The sun is good for you, just don’t overdo it – being out in the sun gets a bad rap, but sunlight is important for your health. It boosts your Vitamin D levels, which helps you build strong bones and guard against serious diseases like osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis and cancer. Experts recommend ten or fifteen minutes a day three times a week with no sun block as the minimum requirement. But if you’re going to be outside in the sun for an extended period, wear a hat and dress appropriately.

3. Never leave kids or pets in hot cars – a closed car heats up in minutes to dangerous temperatures, so never leave children or animals in a closed car – you’d literally be risking their lives.

Enjoy your summer, but be sure to make good decisions to keep yourself and your family healthy. Better safe than sorry!

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