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Highlighting the Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy (BioFlex Laser) Available at Johnston Health and Laser Centre

BioFlex Laser Therapy (a form of Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy [LLLT]) treats many conditions by promoting healing at the cellular level.

Retired NBA athlete, Antonio Davis, swears by BioFlex Cold Laser Therapy. When he played for the Toronto Raptors, he strained his triceps. Though some people doubted that he could play so soon after injuring himself, he returned to the basketball court with a stellar performance after using Cold Laser Therapy for just two days.  Several MLB baseball players have been instructed to use Cold Laser Therapy for 10-20 minutes before and after pitching. The therapy results in a reduction of inflammation and pain, and production of collagen, cartilage and muscle cells.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or weekend warrior, consider using BioFlex Cold Laser Therapy to treat your muscle strains and sports injuries!

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