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Happy Heart Day!

It’s fitting for the month of February that we discuss heart health.  It is, after all, the month dedicated to hearts (be it sweet ones, cinnamon ones, or sparkly ones in store windows).

I have heard from many of our patients (who also happen to be nurses) that they have seen an increase in the number of heart attack and stroke victims at the hospital during the months of December and January.

It’s hard to believe that Heart Disease is the # 1 killer in North America.  It is quite often over shadowed by cancer in our media.  As surprising as it is, the facts are true, it kills more people in North America than any other disease.  What causes Heart Disease and how can we improve our heart health?

Contrary to popular belief, Heart Disease is not caused by high blood pressure or cholesterol.  These issues are merely symptoms of Heart Disease.  Heart Disease is caused by a combination of the following;  anxiety, stress, lack of movement, poor diet, lack of nutrition and inflammation.

Here is a list of 4 items you can incorporate into your diet on a daily basis to help improve your heart heath:


  1. GARLIC – Garlic contains sulphur which acts as a sweeper for the arteries. One capsule of high quality garlic with at least 250mg of Allicin per day will get your started.


  1. FLAX SEEDS – Flax Seed contains omega 3 which helps to reduce inflammation and acts as both a soluble and insoluble fiber. I also recommend chia, hemp seeds and black cumin oil.


  1. OLIVE OIL – Olive Oil contains poly-phenols and oleate, a common fat found in extra virgin olive oil. These help failing hearts to use body fat as fuel for your body.


  1. TUMERIC – Tumeric is the most anti-inflammatory spice. It is known around the world for its anti-inflammatory properties.  I recommend Nature’s Relief, which is available at our office.


Did you know that your brain can also contribute to your Heart Health?    It’s true, taking a few minutes each day to relax can help lower your risk of Heart Disease.   Our BrainTap Technology  does exactly that.  It provides similar benefits to meditation and is designed to re-balance your brain wave activity and help your body focus on healing.

Why not enjoy a complimentary 20-25 minute “vacation” from the stress in your life.  Call today to ask  how BrainTap Technology can help you with things like; stress, weight loss, quitting smoking, and much more.

Get Educated! Get Inspired! Take Action!

Happy Valentine’s Day

From all of us at Johnston Health and Laser Center

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