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Great News for Migraine Sufferers!



Migraine headaches affects 10% of our population.  They typically last from 4 to 72 hours and may be excruciating and debilitating.

Lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleeping habits), chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy have been found to be helpful.

A number of clinical trials have been performed in order to determine the efficacy of Laser Therapy for Migraines both in children and adults.

Over a four month clinical trial, they found that the laser treated group had a significant decrease in the number of headaches per month, a reducation in thte severity of the pain and duration as compared to the placebo treated group. Gottschling et al.

Laser therapy increases endogenous opioid production and release(feel good hormones) and elevating the pain threshold levels (decreasing pain).

 There is clinical data supporting the effectiveness of Laser Therapy for migraine headaches.  Call our office today for a no charge consultation and start feeling better TODAY.  Or fill submit the form below.


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Offer expires September 30th.  Visit our Barrie or North Bay office today.
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