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Good Health is Common Sense

Fruits and veggies in heart tapeSometimes we mistakenly think that good health is complicated, and that only highly educated people can understand the science of being well. But actually, most of what we need to know to be healthy and well is common sense. For example, which is probably better for you, clean and wholesome natural and organic foods, or processed, chemically treated foodstuffs? Which is better for you, sleeping soundly and comfortably through the night, or missing sleep? What keeps your body in good working order, regular exercise or no exercise? Who is healthier, someone who thinks and speaks positively, or someone who is unhappy and hostile? Who is more likely to express good health, someone with a healthy brain, spine and nerve system, or someone with interference and stress?

You see, good health is common sense – decide which habits you think and feel are best for you, and adopt those behaviors, and you’ll have a better chance of living with vitality, energy and good body function.

Until Next Time and remember – Our patients have but one regret, not seeing us sooner!


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