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In a recent article written by Dr.Mercola (www.fitness.mercola.com), we find the startling statistics from a 2012 study from Obesity Prevention | Healthy Schools | CDC. (2016). Cdc.gov. showing that almost 1/3 of children and adults are overweight or obese.  This figure, coupled with the fact that many Americans sit between 7 and 15 hours each day, has many health care providers worried!

As parents, we are able to set the tone for activity in our homes.  Dr. Mercola also cited a recent Time Magazine article  Kluger, J. (2016). How Small Bursts of Exercise Can Make Kids Healthier. TIME.com. Retrieved 10 August 2016 which showed that even small bursts of exercise can make a huge difference in the health of our children.

While recent trends show, in general, kids becoming less and less active, the time to make a difference is now.  This weekend try and find an activity that you can do with your child(ren):

– a hike along the a trail,
– a walk along the lake,
– 20 minute pick up basket ball game in the driveway (once the snow has melted!!)
– start a push up competition, build up your strength together…see how the numbers can increase by Christmas.


In his article, Dr. Mercola also outlines some very common sense changes that we can also be making in our lifestyle choices.  Some of these topics we have already covered in some detail in our recent blog posts throughout the summer and fall: Better sleep, less junk food, healthier eating.  Take some time to read through the article in its’ entirety.  There are a lot of great reminders and statistics to back them up!  Here is his full article : http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2016/08/19/benefits-of-exercise-for-children.aspx

Happy Healthy Active Friday!!

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