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Feed Their Little Minds!

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Just how important is nutrition for our children?  Well, if you take a moment to think about everything that is occurring in their little bodies you will come to the realization that it is of the utmost importance to ensure they are eating well.  Kids are constantly in the growth phase and their brains are developing.  This occurs because of the nutrition that we put into their bodies.  All the vitamins and minerals are on board to encourage healthy development of their bodies and their brain.  Start their day off with protein from sources like eggs and organic whey protein.  Children that rely on cereals to fill them up are receiving sugars to start their day and it does not sustain them for any period of time.  In addition, this could negatively impact their focus at school.  Lunch boxes should be filled with healthy choices:  An apple, clementine orange, cut up veggies and hummus dip, edameme, soups, chili, hard boiled eggs, apple sauce, full fat yogurt, grapes, salads, homemade sandwiches with fresh meat cooked from home not store bought processed meats from the deli. Seeds and nuts are also a good choice as they are an excellent source in protein and good fats, however, be aware of peanut restrictions. Healthy children are hungry children: make sure to have quick and easy choices for them to help themselves.  I often keep grapes, apples and bananas out on the table.  They will walk by and help themselves.  Before they get their dinner they finish off a generous plate of fresh veggies such as carrots, cucumbers, peas,  peppers, broccoli and cauliflower.  This is what they know and this is what they get.  You need to start somewhere.  Take the time to start introducing healthy options for your children.  It will be a challenge at the beginning but you have to start somewhere.  They need to develop healthy eating practices before we ship them off to University. Feeding your children healthy foods will pay off in the long run.  Less sick days results in fewer days you need to take off from work or get a babysitter. 

I strongly believe it is our responsibility as parents to lead by example and eat healthy too!  As parents we want to see our children prosper and honestly, nutrition is the foundation. 

Chiropractic adjustments help to balance and correct any imbalances or miscommunication between the body and the brain via the nervous system.  Improvement in this pathway results in the natural self- healing abilities of the body to be at its best while improving the natural brain abilities.  Chiropractic adjustments will make a big difference no matter what their age.

With great nutrition and chiropractic care we will raise happy and healthy children.

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Here are some great resources on the topics of healthy food choices for you and your family:


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