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Choosing The Right Exercise Program – 6 Months Later – How are you doing?

iStock_000011967689_Small (2)We are now six months into the new year…six months since most of made some New Year’s resolutions.  Back in January our newsletter  included an article about choosing the right exercise program.  Now that we are into June, we thought that it would be a good idea to re-post the article and give you an opportunity to review where you are at.  Are you keeping up your healthy life style challenge this year?  Are there reasons why things have worked? or not worked ?  We would love to hear from you.
From January 2014 –

But few of us stay committed for more than a few days or a few weeks, too short a time to develop new habits and gain momentum. So, instead of overextending yourself, pick an exercise routine that you can handle without too much pain, and get into the swing of physical fitness.

When we think of someone who is fit, we imagine a muscular man in sweatpants and a form-fitting T-shirt, or a slender woman in tights and a tank top. But fitness isn’t a size, or a particular body build – fitness means that your body is toned and working well, able to adapt to stresses and adversities, and up to the task of what it is called upon to do.

Someone who wants to be an astronaut or a Navy Seal will define fitness differently from a fifty-year-old exercising for the first time in twenty years. Words like fitness and wellness may be contextual – in other words, they depend on the situation. For example, you may look at people who are fifty pounds overweight and think they look fat. But what if some of them were a hundred pounds overweight, and they lost fifty pounds to get to where they are right now? If you had seen them before, you would think they look great – it’s relative.

It’s the same with fitness – wherever you are right now, positive movement is your objective. If you are already very fit, you may want to tweak your workout, but for most of us, choosing a program of exercise depends on where we are starting and how quickly we want to see change.

For so many of us, getting in better physical condition is nothing more complicated than simply moving more – you might try getting up to change the channel on your television instead of squeezing the remote, to check your attitude on the way into this new adventure. If that seems like too much trouble, you’d better start slow.

You might begin with something as simple as… breathing. Sitting comfortably, breathe in… and breathe out. Do it again. Believe it or not, this is really, really good for you, bringing more oxygen to your cells. If you were to breathe deeply ten or twelve times, up to your tolerance, you would feel better and you would be healthier overall. If you want to get more out of your breathing exercises, aim for a ratio of 1 to 4 to 2 – in other words, try breathing in for a count of three, hold for a count of twelve, and breathe out for a count of six. Do this ten times in the morning and ten times in the evening, and you will soon notice the difference.

The next level up from here would be three thirty minute exercise sessions each week. You could walk, swim, stretch, practice yoga, jog, or do aerobics, for example – it’s a matter of taste, and what your objective is.  

No matter what your current status, you can find a level of exercise that works for you, and moves you in the right direction. Pick something you will do, and do it consistently, and you too can reap the rewards of being physically fit – vitality, endurance, strength, and a renewed passion for life.
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