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The Art of Managing Stress


Managing stress is a skill that is life changing.  Read this blog posting from the New York Times and learn how important it is to listen to your body.

Since everyone’s stressors are different, and because your body’s reaction to stress is unique to you, the Stress-Free-Lifestyle program takes an individualized, multi-dimensional approach to stress. In addition to Brain Based Wellness, some people may need our detoxification program that is proven to quickly rid the body of excess stress hormones and other toxins. Others may need the addition of a few vital supplements to get the body revitalized. For this reason, we provide you with a thorough health assessment to address stress-related health factors such as nutritional imbalance, weight, adrenal exhaustion, and thyroid dysfunction. After the assessment, the doctor will be able to recommend a treatment plan that’s just right for you.

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The Amazing Inner Workings of Your Body

Jumping on the beachWhen you make a call on your smart phone, or when you play a game on your iPad, you don’t stop to think about all the science that went into designing and manufacturing these astounding technological marvels. They are black boxes, closed systems that we don’t understand, but we can surely learn to use them to best advantage.  In many ways, the human body is like that – there are so many mysteries about how the body runs and heals itself, it’s far beyond human comprehension.

In fact, the level of complexity of your body is infinitely more advanced than anything we can currently build in our factories – no one has ever made even a single human cell, yet your body discards old ones and makes new ones at the rate of millions per minute.

Your body can digest food, breathe air, walk down the street and fight infection all at the same time – it is truly miraculous, and it’s even more impressive when you learn how this all works. You see, your brain tells your body parts what to do. It gathers information from the environment through the senses and interprets it so it can give direction to the body parts that need to respond. For example, if you haven’t eaten, your stomach sends signals to your brain, which your brain interprets as “I’m hungry.” The response is that you go and get something to eat.

How does that work? You have about fifty trillion cells in your body, and they require constant monitoring to detect ongoing proper function or malfunction. If you get too warm, your body cools itself by perspiring – you don’t have to think about this, or do anything to make it happen, it’s automatic.

These kind of automatic responses, eating when you feel hungry or sweating when you feel warm, are natural responses the body chooses, because the brain and nerve system carry information to and from the body parts so they know how to respond. It’s almost like a switchboard, where calls come in and are routed to the proper number – only the brain and nerve system have a lot more circuits to keep track of.

It really is amazing – how does your heart know how fast to beat, and how do your lungs know how many breaths to take each minute or each hour? When you open a door, how does your hand know to reach out, and turn the door knob, and push or pull the door open?

Just like smart phones and iPads, the body is more complex than most of us can fully grasp – but there are some principles that are helpful to know and apply. 

  1. Take care of your brain. It needs rest, water, chiropractic adjustments, and stress relaxation techniques to keep it in peak working order.
  2. Take care of your switchboard, the spine and spinal nerves. These are the wires and switches that connect up everything in your body, and you need to practice constructive body maintenance, through exercise, chiropractic care, massage, meditation, proper nutrition, and other supportive habits and behaviors.
  3.  Take care of your body parts – be good to your digestive tract, by eating fresh, wholesome foods in moderate quantities, and quit eating well before bedtime, so you wake up hungry and eat a good breakfast. Be good to your muscles, bones and ligaments by getting sufficient movement – walk, stretch, do yoga or martial arts, to keep your structure healthy and mobile.
  4. Take care of your self-image with positive emotions – be optimistic, look for the good, find the silver lining in every cloud you come across. Expect the best, and put an enthusiastic spin on your day by holding yourself to a higher standard of happiness.

You only get this one body – the better you take care of it, the more it will reward you with good health and less stress and illness. It worth the investment of your time, energy and capital – use your best common sense and take good care of yourself!

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Chiropractic Care and Your Nerve System

iStock_000008183124_ExtraSmall (2)Many patients are attracted to chiropractic because they had a painful problem and wanted a safe, all-natural drug-free way to get well. Some tried other approaches to address their condition, and ended up with chiropractic as the proverbial “last resort” which finally helped them.

It’s normal for people to go to doctors to help them through a health crisis – doctors of medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, dentistry and other fields are accustomed to patients coming in to be treated on an emergency basis.

But the chiropractic approach is somewhat different – the chiropractor often does not directly treat your condition, but rather is focused on helping the nerve system to do a better job running the body. It’s up to the brain and the brain’s wiring system, the nerve system, to send messages throughout the body to direct the healing process, and chiropractors find where this nerve control is disrupted and correct it to restore normal function.

That’s why chiropractors help people with all different kinds of problems – because removing interference in the nerve system affects every aspect of the body’s function that is under nerve control, and that’s almost everything.  It’s also the reason why you don’t have to wait until you have a health problem before you consult a doctor of chiropractic – by keeping your brain, nerve system and spine healthy, you improve your body’s ability to function and heal itself.

Get regular check-ups for yourself and your family at your chiropractor’s office – it keeps your brain and body working together to keep you healthy!

Our patients have but one regret – not seeing us sooner!

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Why Yoga?

Bamboo YogaMany people who haven’t tried yoga are very skeptical of its benefits.  Some of us have discovered yoga only after a health crisis that has left our bodies very much of balance and in desperate need of repair.  Katrina Love Senn, from mindbodygreen.com recently wrote about the “20 Reasons Why Yoga Heals” and shares her success with practicing yoga.  Click here for more details.

The benefits of yoga don’t end there.  A few weeks ago we talked about the link between brain based wellness and mind-body techniques such as yoga.  The Harvard study showed that mind-body techniques not only make you feel better and more relaxed, they actually switch on and off some of the genes relating to stress and immune system function.   If you didn’t get a chance to read our blog post on this topic, take a look here for more details.

There is no time the present to give yoga a try.

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Monday Morning Make-Over Series: Brain Based Wellness

iStock_000008183124_ExtraSmall (2)Mondays seem to come quicker and quicker as the summer goes by.  Here we are again with another blog for our Monday Morning Make-Over Series.  Today we are focusing on the brain – your body’s communicating system, the nerve system which needs to be in top condition to keep vital messages flowing at 100%.

Your brain is the control center of everything in your life – which means the quality of your life is directly related to the fitness of your brain. Many people spend thousands enhancing their bodies, yet do nothing to optimize their brain or improve the quality of their thoughts.  Dr. Sarah Farrant shares 5 Ways to Double Your Health and Vitality using your body’s communication system (the brain).  Read more here

Our Brain Based Wellness program is a beautiful light and sound technology developed to counter act the undeniable effects of stress in our brains.

Interested in learning more about our Brain Based Wellness Programs at Johnston Health Center? Fill out the form below to sign up for a free consultation and demonstration:

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Our patients have but one regret: not seeing us sooner.

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