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Back To School Means Time For Scoliosis Screening

026 (2)If you want the kids in the house to grow up strong and healthy, make sure they get an examination to check for curvature of the spine, also known as scoliosis. Scoliosis is very common, and some curve to the spine may be normal for some people. But sometimes, the spinal curvature is abnormal, and either causes or contributes to health problems.

You probably already know that your chiropractor is your neighborhood expert on the spine, so it’s natural to ask your chiropractor to examine your children. A simple, painless check-up can either reassure you that your child is healthy, or if there is a problem, give you the information you need to deal with it effectively. You can even do a little screening yourself – stand behind your child, and look at his or her shoulders – are they level with the ground, or is one shoulder high or low?

Ask your child to bend over from the waist – is the rib cage sticking out more on one side than the other?

Now look at your child’s hips – are they level, or is one higher or lower than the other?

Now look at your child’s head – is it centered over the neck, or is it tilted or rotated to one side?

These simple tests can help you help your kids. If you notice any imbalance of your child’s shoulders, ribs, hips or head, consult your doctor of chiropractic – no one is in a better position to advise you and help you.

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