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Treating Gout with Laser Therapy – at Johnston Health Center

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Bio Flex Laser has successfully treated multiple patients with Gout and have achieved incredible results. The article below discusses the various symptoms and stages of Gout, including the results following several treatments with our BioFlex Laser Therapy device. Read the case study here:  http://bioflexlaser.com/resources/article/gout-a-new-treatment-for-an-old-problem/

Bioflex Laser and LILT are approved by Health Canada for treatment of many conditions including sports injuries, arthritic problems, and back problems.

Johnston Health Center proudly offers Bioflex laser therapy.  Book your consultation HERE and learn how LILT can help. Alternatively, Contact us at info@johnstonhealthcenter.com or 705-728-3070 (Barrie) 705-476-9111 (North Bay)

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For more literature on research and studies related to ‪#‎LaserTherapy, please make sure to visit our resources pagewww.bioflexlaser.com/resources ‪#‎BioFlexLaser ‪#‎LifeWithoutPain

Brain injuries and laser therapy treatments – case studies

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Learn more about the Laser Therapy offered at Johnston Health Centre by reading about recent case studies:


Dr. Michael Aker uses LLLT to treat the effects of a mild traumatic brain injury. As a result, Blue Hill resident Ciona Ulbrich was able to recover from a traumatic accident that occurred in early 2015. Read the article below to learn more. ‪#‎LaserTherapy ‪#‎LifeWithoutPain



Bioflex Laser and LILT are approved by Health Canada for treatment of many conditions including sports injuries, arthritic problems, and back problems.

Johnston Health Center proudly offers Bioflex laser therapy.  Book your consultation HERE and learn how LILT can help. Alternatively, Contact us at info@johnstonhealthcenter.com or 705-728-3070 (Barrie) 705-476-9111 (North Bay)

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Sitting is the new smoking…

bLOG TITLEDr. Mercola states that Sitting is the new smoking. About 10,000 studies have now established that chronic sitting is an independent risk factor for poor health and early death. It can also be a significant factor in back, neck, and sciatic pain.

Learn more about the benefits of posture and its effects on your health and pain management in our blog post highlighting Dr. Mercola’s findings:

By Dr. Mercola

Most of our parents drilled into our heads the importance of proper posture; yet modern day life causes us to frequently ignore these great recommendations. What’s worse, many of the posture-correcting strategies our parents taught us turn out to be wrong anyway.

Kathleen Porter, author of Natural Posture for Pain Free Living, is an expert in teaching the principles of posture, and she believes the majority of pain experienced in the world is posture related.

While working as a massage therapist and yoga teacher in 1994, she came across an article written by Jean Couch, in which she discussed and described the skeletal alignment in groups of indigenous people.

Intrigued, Kathleen began studying with Jean, and eventually traveled through Indonesia, Southeast Asia, South America, and northern Portugal, studying the posture of native peoples for herself.

“As I learned from studying them and from Jean, I started incorporating these principles more and more into my own life, and then started teaching this to others.

I’ve written a couple of books. It has just been absolutely transformational,” she says.

“I gave up stretching. I haven’t stretched in close to 20 years, yet I am more flexible and pain-free than when I was working so hard at trying to be that way.”

Read more and full article here

Our mission at the Johnston Health Center is to help you live your best life possible. Everyone has their own health challenges and at JHC we are experts at helping to guide you to better health. You may need our 12 weeks to Better Posture Program, our gentle chiropractic care, Bioflex laser therapy for arthritis or sports injuries, our Stress Relief Therapy Program or a nutritional assessment. We are here to help you with your concerns.
The Johnston Health Center team will Educate you on better health, Inspire you and help you Take Action.

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Soccer Season is Upon Us – Ways to Reduce Injury…Proper Stretching

Source: www.freestockphotos.biz

Source: www.freestockphotos.biz

With outdoor soccer season gearing up (or starting in some areas) you likely have all of the soccer “stuff” ready, carpools organized and are getting a handle on how the season will go.  Including neuromuscular training in youth soccer warm-ups reduces injury rates and could save $2.7-million in health-care costs over one season in Alberta, according to a new study.

An April 18th article in the Globe and Mail highlights the benefits of including neuromusclar training in soccer warm-ups.  Read through the article and see if you can incorporate some of the stretches in your soccer schedule – the benefits will be worth it!

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Neuromuscular training targets strength, agility and balance more than a standard warm-up routine.

“When you have benefit from an intervention and also reduce health-care costs, there’s good on both sides,” said lead author Deborah A. Marshall of the University of Calgary, the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute and the Health Research Innovation Centre in Calgary.

“A lot of new technologies that are introduced are better but cost more,” Marshall said.

The researchers studied data from a randomized trial of 744 youth soccer players, both male and female, between the ages of 13 and 17 during the 2006-07 indoor soccer season in Alberta. The players had been followed through the season and injuries were recorded.

Half of the players were led through a 15-minute warm-up before play, including five minutes of aerobic and dynamic stretching components and 10 minutes of neuromuscular training consisting of eccentric strength, agility and jumping exercises. They were also directed to do 15 minutes of balance training at home using a wobble board.

Players in the comparison group had a “standard of practice” 15-minute warm-up before play, including aerobic components, static and dynamic stretching and a home program that only involved stretching.

As had been previously published, players in the neuromuscular warm-up group had 38 per cent fewer injuries during the season than those in the comparison group.

For the new study, the researchers estimated direct cost savings related to these injuries, including visits to health-care professionals, treatments, surgeries, X-rays, supplies and equipment used by injured players. They added direct costs to the health-care system in Canada to out-of-pocket medical costs incurred by players and their families, which may include physiotherapy, splits, braces, crutches and chiropractic visits.

The researchers estimated that for 58,100 Alberta youth soccer players during one indoor season, there are about 12,000 injuries. Almost 5,000 injuries could be avoided and $2-million in health-care costs saved with the neuromuscular training program, according to the results published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

“I perceive savings of 689 Canadian dollars for every 1000 participation hours as very noteworthy, especially considering that the only intervention was a more effective 15min warm-up,” Jeppe Bo Lauersen of the Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen in Denmark said by e-mail.

The training aims to improve muscle co-ordination and dynamic joint control to reduce undesirable loads in specific muscles, tendons, joints and bones, Lauersen said.

In this trial, the neuromuscular training program did have some costs, such as training coaches in how to direct the warm-ups and purchasing the wobble boards for players to use at home, Marshall said.


Source:KATHRYN DOYLE   http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/fitness/special-warm-ups-may-reduce-injuries-in-youth-soccer-cut-health-care-costs/article29662915/

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