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A Balanced Approach

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Eating a well balanced diet focused on protein, vegetables and fruits, complex carbs and lots of good fats is essential for health and wellness.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Start with simply grocery shopping along the outside perimeter of the store.  Resist the pull down that cracker or chip aisle.  If you don’t have it in your cupboards you don’t have it to eat.  Drink plenty of pure water.  Do not consume high calorie, sugar laden vitamin waters, juices, pops or lattes.    Make sure you are moving throughout your day.  Take a walk at lunch, hit the gym before work or after, take the dog for a much needed walk after dinner.

Your body should be treated like a temple with excellent nutrition, movement, water, sleep and stress reduction practices.  We are here for a short time make it a great time!
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At Johnston Health Center, we are here to help you with your concerns. Our team will Educate you on better health, Inspire you and help you Take Action.

Our mission at the Johnston Health Center is to help you live your best life possible. Everyone has their own health challenges and at JHC we are experts at helping to guide you to better health. You may need our 12 weeks to Better Posture Program, our gentle chiropractic care, Bioflex laser therapy for arthritis or sports injuries, our Stress Relief Therapy Program or a nutritional assessment.  
To book a consultation for you or a family member, contact us at info@johnstonhealthcenter.com or in Barrie at  705-728-3070 or in North Bay at 705-476-9111
Get Educated! Get Inspired! Take Action!

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